Ok, it’s 2016. David Bowie is dead, but he’s filling my eardrums right now anyway. I’ve got a good github streak going, since the final days of 2015, and I guess I’m on a roll. Here goes the blogging thing again.

Why now

It’s not like I have regular readers (ha !), but I know I’m going to come back and read this later. I do that with everything I write… what made me get down to this right now ? Inspiration is a precious, fleeting and necessary prerequisite for getting anything down “on paper” for me - so why did I have it now ? I think it comes down to not wanting to waste time. It comes down to not wanting to get to the end of the year, look back and think “damn, have I even accomplished anything ?”.

I’d like to try something new - writing about the work I’m doing consistently. I tried to keep a work log in 2014 and some of 2015 in order to tell others what I was doing, but I couldn’t keep it up. Those pages are also some of the least-visited and least re-visited ones I’ve written, so there may not even be a point to doing that. However I’m also finding myself trying to address similar problems that I’ve bumped up against in the past, getting tickets on issues that should have been fixed in commits long long ago. This is unacceptable.

I think what was missing was some structure and rhythm. I have a habit of starting and not finishing these articles, and they stick around in my drafts until they’re no longer relevant. So, I’m going to try and stick to a particular topic. I can never hope to attain the consistency of some of my favourite podcasters, from whom I do draw inspiration1, but perhaps breaking things up into episodes could be a way to reduce the anxiety of publshing full stories.

Here’s to Part 1