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Bruce Becker 🏐 🚀 🤔 🇿🇦 🌋 🇮🇹

  • Real Person
  • ex-physicist and volleyball freak;
  • automator of things;
  • quasi socialist;
  • skeptic;
  • European African African European;
  • Islander;
  • dad;

He writes this blog as often as he likes, on whatever he feels. Feel free to leave comments, but don’t expect them to be automatically published. He’s kinda picky about who says what.

Bruce used to be a physicist… kinda. He got a Ph.D. from the University of Cape Town and did a few postdocs, but things just took a bit of a turn somewhere down the line. Although he’s a bit wacko about the universe (the whole “crap, this thing actually exists, that’s so weird” thing), he gets depressed by the fact that he’s not up to investigating it himself. Had a big fight with maths in second year, never really got over it. He was convinced the Higgs Boson was no more and no less than the Easter Bunny – until they found it, which simultaneously re-invigorated his love for the experimental method and bummed him out because there’s still no Easter Bunny.

So now he like the big shiny stuff.

Well, not even… he refers to big shiny stuff as ‘ HPC porn’ mostly. Cos it kinda is, if you think about it.

What really makes him happy is when he sees scientists getting work done in a transparent, sustainable manner. Oh gosh, that sounds a little pompous… oh well, so be it.

Bruce is a real person. A pompous, real person.

Bruce doesn’t often agree with you

Being a pompous dude most of the time, Bruce has some strong opinions. They are sometimes in somewhat stark contrast with what most people would call “reality”, which can be cause for friction. If you, dear reader, can accept this small fact, perhaps you will be less vexed by some of what you may read here. Bruce doesn’t really mind, as long as he gets to say what he wants (which is what this or any blog is about after all, isn’t it).

Bruce is actually a friendly guy

This blog is for ranting mostly. If you want to get in touch with Bruce - be it for work or friendship - he’s usually pretty open to that. Although he uses social networks, he uses them for pretty specific purposes (and we quote):

  • facebook is for talking trash and taking the piss out of real friends I’m done with facebook
  • twitter is for making connections, mostly related to work.
  • linkedin is … well, I had a lot of pending requests so I thought “what the hell”
  • ~research gate : ditto~ I am done with Research Gate, because of the cringiness.
  • ~tumblr looked like fun, so I gave it a shot, and now all I am mesmerised by @devopsreactions and @lolmythesis~ I’m done with tumblr after the whole takeover. Still the deepest website that existed.
  • G+ … yeah. Nope.
  • Keybase is a thing. You can find him there and tell him your secrets.

Feel free to hook up with him over these places and others. He’s pretty much always brucellino.

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